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D Wilson & Leron Carson/Tapes
Sound Signature
12 in.
12 in.
Hieroglyphic Being/Acid Rain
Last Known Trajectory
12 in.
Dokta Venom/Burnt Roses EP
Five Fold Records
12 in.
Don't Be Afraid
12 in.
VA/Silent Movie Sounds II
Rough House Rosie
12 in.
Barrio Lindo/Menoko
Project Mooncircle

A Buncha Shirt

We were recently (pleasantly) surprised to stumble across some shirts we printed a couple of years back to promote our reissue of Chip E's "Time to Jack". Both shirts were knock-offs of the "slogan" shirts Kathryn Hannett designed to promote Frankie Goes to Hollywood, in the mid-80s.

Check them out!

What It Is


If you came here off a recent Facebook or Twitter post, and the item you are looking for shows as out of stock, or not released yet, that's just 'cause our stock hasn't updated yet. If we blabbed about it, there are enough for you to snag one, just go ahead an order it...

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