What It Is


If you came here off a recent Facebook or Twitter post, and the item you are looking for shows as out of stock, or not released yet, that's just 'cause our stock hasn't updated yet. If we blabbed about it, there are enough for you to snag one, just go ahead an order it...

If you're looking at an out of stock item that is recent, and there are clips and a jpeg, it's probably available within a calendar week. If it's a Chicago label, we can probably get it within 24 hours.

If it's from 2005, and has no clips or jpeg, and / or says "preorder", you can pretty much guarantee we're not going to be able to supply it. We're still weeding out dead titles from our catalogue in our (ahem) "spare" time.

If you're hesitant, unsure... email us at orders (at) crosstalkintl (dot) com... we'll work it out.