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Butane/Little Helpers Vol 1


Conceived of as a label where function precedes form, where tracked-out dance cuts and DJ tools are the music de rigueur, it was only a matter of time before label co-founder Butane puts together a mind-expanding mix pulled exclusively from the Little Helpers catalog. Creative DJs take note: this is just a taste of what’s possible when you combine skillful mixing and strict quality-control. No hits. No chart music. Just solid grooves and would-be b-sides, reprogrammed by one of the truly talented DJs in this business. Herein lies proof that complexity can indeed arise from the simplest of forms.

For Volume One of Little Helpers Mixed, Butane breaks down 43 exclusive tracks from the label’s catalog and rebuilds them into an ambitious psychedelic techno trip. If you’re already familiar with the Little Helpers catalog, prepare for something a bit different, as each track is edited, looped, layered, and arranged to become something much more than the sum of its parts. Upon first listen, one hears skillfully placed melodies, patient, effortless transitions, and warm percussive sequences, all crafted meticulously from the sounds of Little Helpers’ many fine artists. Upon successive listens, hidden surprises are discovered lurking just beneath the surface, inviting the listener to interact with and add his or her own contribution to the creative act. Prepare for many special moments as the music increasingly becomes heard as a single, harmonious composition. True art should be immersive, intense, and timeless. This mix, all of those, is the reflection of the singular mind of Butane, re-envisioned as only he could, and it perfectly embodies the spirit of the label it represents. In two short years, Little Helpers has released 30 EPs that have fueled underground DJ sets around the world. This mix is a testament to all of the artists involved, and speaks to the unlimited creative potential of digital DJing. Here’s to the future of music.

[Tracklisting with approximate CD breaks]

Limo - Little Helper 20-6
Duky - Little Helper 25-1
Andrew Grant + Lomez - Little Helper 27-2
Dirty Culture - Little Helper 23-2
Someone Else - Little Helper 2-5
Butane - Little Helper 14-4
Butane + Ryan Crosson - Little Helper 17-2
Beaner - Little Helper 13-4
Niederflur - Little Helper 29-11
Mr. Bizz - Little Helper 22-2
Tim Xavier - Little Helper 8-2
Duky - Little Helper 25-2
Kai Limberger - Little Helper 21-2
Andrew Grant - Little Helper 9-2
Standard Fair - Little Helper 16-2
Buck + Santorini - Little Helper 26-2
Someone Else - Little Helper 18-4
Mr. Bizz - Little Helper 22-5
Standard Fair - Little Helper 19-1
Limo - Little Helper 20-4
Kai Limberger - Little Helper 21-4
Kai Limberger - Little Helper 28-3
Ryan Crosson - Little Helper 3-4
Standard Fair - Little Helper 24-1
Mr. Bizz - Little Helper 22-3
Limo - Little Helper 20-1
Beaner - Little Helper 4-2
Andrew Grant + Lomez - Little Helper 27-1
Dirty Culture - Little Helper 23-1
Kai Limberger - Little Helper 28-4
Mark Henning + Someone Else - Little Helper 11-4
Kai Limberger - Little Helper 28-6
Duky - Little Helper 25-3
Tim Xavier - Little Helper 8-5
Butane - Little Helper 1-3
Butane + Ryan Crosson - Little Helper 17-4
Mr. Bizz - Little Helper 22-7
Duky - Little Helper 25-5
Kai Limberger - Little Helper 28-5
Limo - Little Helper 20-6
Beaner - Little Helper 4-1
Duky - Little Helper 25-6
Kane Roth - Little Helper 30-1

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Label: Little Helpers

Genre: Techno

Format: CD

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Release Date: 02.14.2012

Price: $11.99

1.  Little Helpers Sampler

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